Apple Opens Doors at 7AM on November 11 for iPhone 4S in Hong Kong

Wednesday 9 November 2011 8:00 am

If you missed the batch online, here’s your second chance.

Apple has informed us that they will be opening the IFC Mall Apple store at 7am on November 11th to sell iPhone 4S without contracts.

This means if you missed pre-ordering online last week you will have another chance to get a contract-free iPhone 4S on Friday morning IF you line up early. We’re obviously talking about camping out early.

We don’t know the maximum number of 4S’s you can buy but online it was capped at 10 per person – meaning you will be competing against the Chinese smugglers and probably other office buying pools.

So get ready to rumble Hong Kong! Prices are:

  • iPhone 4S (16G): HK$5,088
  • iPhone 4S (32G): HK$5,888
  • iPHone 4S (64G): HK$6,688