Hellboy and The Spirit from Hot Toys

Wednesday. 10 December. 2008. 10:48 am

Movie heroes make their way into Hot Toys’ toybox.

6 HellboyII_Hellboy

Hot Toys is taking pre-orders now for their next 2 big releases. Hellboy from this year’s sequel The Golden Army and the much-criticized based on the trailer movie from Frank Miller The Spirit.

You can get these from Hottoys.com.hk or from our friends at Clark’s Comics in Causeway Bay.

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Barack Obama: The Comic Book

Thursday. 6 November. 2008. 10:47 am

Forget the polls, comic collectors can tell you who is the next president.

Barack Obama Comic Book

Congratulations from all of us at Neonpunch.com to President-elect Barack Obama. It looks like the U.S. does have a glimmer of hope now and has also made history at the same time. But was there really any doubt that Obama wouldn’t win? Even comic collectors knews this as yesterday the sales figures of IDW Publishing’s 2 presidential comics – one for McCain and one for Obama – were revealed and it was an easy 59% to 41% in Obama’s favor.

Read more about this true collectors item here and at the IDW site – you can try and call Clark’s Comics in Causeway Bay to see if they have any copies left or better yet you can have it sent to your iPhone (if you have a US number) for free from here.

Pre-Orders for 2009 Medicom 12″ Figures

Tuesday. 4 November. 2008. 11:15 am

It’s time to set aside cash for your Medicom purchases next year.

Medicom 2009

Clark’s Comics on Sugar Street in Causeway Bay is taking pre-orders now for 6 new Medicom 12″ figures that are due out in the first half of 2009. You know these things are available in limited supply to Hong Kong from Japan so if you know you want them, its time to put your cash down and reserve them.

  • 2009年5月発送予定
    リアルアクションヒーローズ No.427
    RAH BRUCE WAYNE 頒布価格¥14,800 (approx HK$1,200.00 to 1,280.00/pc)
  • 2009年5月発送予定
    ヴァイナルコレクティブルドールズ Special No.131 孫悟飯 頒布価格¥7,800.00
    (approx HK$660.00 to 700.00/pc)
  • 2009年4月発送予定
    リアルアクションヒーローズ No.418
    RAH 超人の父 頒布価格¥13,800 (approx HK$1,460.00 to HK$1,500.00/pc)
  • 2009年5月発送予定
    PROJECT BM! No.20 Masked Rider 電王ネガタロス 頒布価格¥17,800 (approx HK$1,
    860.00 to HK$1,900.00/pc)
  • 2009年6月発送予定
    リアルアクションヒーローズ No.432
    L77星 アストラ 頒布価格¥13,800 (approx HK$1,460.00 to HK$1,500.00/pc)
  • 2009年6月発送予定
    リアルアクションヒーローズ No.433
    おおとりゲン 頒布価格¥12,800 (HK$1,360.00 to 1,400.00/pc)

You can contact Clark’s Comics at their site or call them at 2890-7718

James Dean: Red Jacket Version

Friday. 17 October. 2008. 9:51 am

Rock On, Jimmy Dean – in 1/6 scale of course!

James Dean 1/6 Scale

It seems Hot Toys is really on a 1/6th roll with yet another new figure – this time of the ultimate rebel without a cause, the prototype teenager and self-proclaimed human ashtray on the boulevard of broken dreams himself: James Dean.

This collectible stands approximately 30 cm tall, over 30 points of articulation, features the authentic likeness of James Dean, the legendary Hollywood actor in the 50’s.

The 1/6th scale figure also features:

  • Real fabric outfit with a red jacket, tee-shirt, jeans and boots
  • Cigarette
  • One set interchangeable hands, plus one right hand feature his classic hand sign.
  • Figure stand with nameplate

Suggested retail price:

  • HK$ 780.00

Preorder price at Toy Hunters:

  • HK$ 750.00

Available at Toy Hunters in Mong Kok’s CTMA Centre right now!

Hot Toys’ Two-Face 1/6 Scale

Wednesday. 15 October. 2008. 10:08 am

Harvey Dent gets his turn in the figure spotlight.

Two-Face - 1/6 scale figure

While we may be biased that Hot Toys is turning out the best of the 1/6 scale The Dark Knight figures, its obvious why when you gaze upon their 7th offering, the man who lived just long enough to see himself become the villain: Two-Face.

The figure stands approximately 12″ tall and features more than 32 points of articulation, it also features:

  • Dressed in Two-Face accurate costume of destroyed suit, shirt, tie, pants and shoes, the character wears in the Dark Knight movie
  • Alternate head with authentic likeness of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent
  • Interchangeable Harvey Dent’s suit jacket
  • One set of interchangeable hands
  • Pistol
  • A signature coin
  • 12 inches figure stand with Harvey Dent/ Two-Face nameplate

Suggested Retail Price:

  • HK$ 950.00

Hong Kong on sale date:

  • End Nov – early January 2009

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