The Heinz USB Microwave for Your Busy Hong Kong Life

Thursday. 2 July. 2009. 9:58 am

Forget Cup Noodles, have something more fancy at your desk.

usbmicrowave The Heinz USB Microwave for Your Busy Hong Kong Life

This is the smallest portable microwave in the world and its powered by a USB cable and will change instant food you see around the office forever.

Heinz is behind this, and of course they want to be the one to supply you with the food like these ready-to-heat-and-eat Snap Pots, but you can imagine the endless array of dim sum and fried rice concoctions more palatable to the Asian stomach available to overworked office staff that need a quick pick-me-up at all hours of the day.

Apart from its size, the key breakthrough is the use of a combination of mobile phone radio frequencies to create the heat to cook both on the outside and within in under a minute.

Mr Andrews, the managing director of GAMA Microwave Technology, said it is possible to ‘tune’ the radio-frequencies to provide the best results with any small product.

‘It is possible to heat a pie, a burger, a cup of soup or tea in quick time,’ he said.

While its still in prototype stage, so its up to test and feedback they get in their test markets before its launched overseas, but we can just feel that some China factories are reading this post and having ideas of their own. More about this at the Daily Mail.

Guinness Celebrates 250 Years and Hong Kong is Invited to the Party

Wednesday. 20 May. 2009. 9:42 am
September 24, 2009

Special edition Guinness 250 coming to Hong Kong.

guinessgirls Guinness Celebrates 250 Years and Hong Kong is Invited to the Party

Guinness is celebrating 250 years this September, believe it or not, and on the way to this historic landmark in beer history, they are releasing a special variant beer to mark the occasion. The interesting part here is that Hong Kong is one of only 3 market’s getting this special brew. Australia and the U.S., are the other 2! That pretty much says that Hong Kong is probably the largest consumer of Guinness in Asia.

To commemorate this remarkable anniversary, Hong Kong has become one of the three markets where GUINNESS 250 Anniversary Stout is being made available. The limited edition release will be available in the third quarter of 2009 in Hong Kong for a limited period. The commemorative stout is carbonated, not nitrogenated like the traditional GUINNESS Draught.

A bunch of pub events are going to be taking place throughout the Summer, no doubt at two of Hong Kong’s most infamous Irish pubs: Dublin Jack’s and Delaney’s! The new website is up now promoting this occaision so head on over and get into the Guinness. Will the Black Eyed Peas be coming back to Hong Kong to promote this? We’ll let you know.

New Pac-Man Oven Mitts Keeps the Ghosts Away, Power Pellets Closer

Thursday. 26 February. 2009. 10:09 am

Wakka-Wakka-Wakka: Coolest oven mitts ever!

pac man mitts New Pac Man Oven Mitts Keeps the Ghosts Away, Power Pellets CloserI’m sure you’re all familiar with the classic Atari Pac-Man game. Well, Pac-Man is now back– but now it wants to eat your food instead of little dots! The Pac-Man oven mitts will definitely make all your friends jealous for them too!

These yellow Pac-Man Hotheads are made entirely out of silicon. You can now take out and serve food with these retro all-time favorite oven mitts.

The Pac-Man Hotheads comes in its own display box and will be sold for a fair US$15 or HK$76. They aren’t too pricey, so you won’t have to break your wallet trying to be cool in the kitchen. You can get them from Fred and Friends.

Hong Kong Sandwich Showdown: Subway versus Pret-a-Manger

Tuesday. 24 February. 2009. 10:07 am

The Thunderdome of Food: two sandwiches enter, one sandwich leaves.

sandwich showdown Hong Kong Sandwich Showdown: Subway versus Pret a Manger

We love sandwiches and now with more choice in Hong Kong, we’ve decided to compare two big sandwich chains with multiple Hong Kong locations against each other to see who makes the superior bread-and-meat powerhouse.

In this corner, the American sandwich chain Subway, with 7 locations in Hong Kong. There are 8 different sandwiches to choose from, and they bake their bread fresh in the store and then top it for you with fresh ingredients and way you like included in the price of HK$36 a sandwich, with special extras costing a bit more. They sell potato chips from Lay’s and regular soft drinks like Coke. They also offer cookies.

subway Hong Kong Sandwich Showdown: Subway versus Pret a Manger

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Cut Pizza the Right Way with Pizza Clippers

Thursday. 12 February. 2009. 9:45 am

Cut yourself a perfect slice every time, also works on won ton noodles.

pizzacutters Cut Pizza the Right Way with Pizza Clippers

Don’t feel dumb just because you are going to order these from a company called Stupidiotic, because their Pizza Clippers (US$20) with the built-in wedge shaped spatula will make you the star of any pizza party.

And in Hong Kong what else would you do with the traditional round pizza cutter? At least these long scissors can help you cut up tons of Chinese food as well from really long noodles to those Spring Onion cakes you see them using short knives to cut at your local dim sum restaurant.

They ship to Hong Kong and you can bet we’ll be featuring more of the products they sell on our site in the future.

pixel Cut Pizza the Right Way with Pizza Clippers

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