Hong Kong’s Apple Store Now Eyeing Causeway Bay Location for 2012

Thursday 24 February 2011 10:55 am

Will the Apple Store’s address be 500 Hennessy Road?

UPDATE 25 FEB: The SCMP has confirmed that Apple is opening TWO stores in Hong Kong. One in IFC and one in Hysan Place. Full story here.

Out friends at HongKongHustle.com reported yesterday that they are hearing rumblings that the new Hysan Place development in Causeway Bay – where the old Mitsokoshi was –  will be the location of the new long rumored Apple store.

We ran a post last year guessing that IFC was the location but as that deadline has come and passed we’re starting to lose hope that it will happen there…and now have “a new hope” that you’ll be seeing Sogo from across the street of the Hong Kong Apple Store.

Outside of the IFC location, another rumored location was the old Queen’s Theatre in Central – that rumor was squashed by our Butterboom.com colleagues that informed us The Gap was going to have a flagship store there.

If it was Causeway Bay and 6 months ago we were thinking of the recently evacuated Starbucks on Leighton Road, but again our Butterboom.com colleagues put us in our place by telling us that place was reserved for I.T.

HK Hustle‘s guess makes sense as we do hope to see an Apple shop in the next 12 months and Hysan Place is schedule to be ready to open in Q2 of 2012 (just in time for the apocalypse – and will be the home of the biggest DFS store in Hong Kong!) And if you remember the old Mitsokoshi layout, it would make sense for the Apple store to take the entire ground floor as you walk in. It makes huge sense in terms of it’s prominent location and the size it needs to be to compare with the China stores.

Upon completion Hysan Place will be a 40-storey mixed-use tower that provides full sea-view Grade-A office space and at least 15 floors of trend-setting retail outlets in the centre of Causeway Bay, totaling 710,000 square feet.

The image at the top of this post is an architectural rendering with us Photoshopping the Apple logo on – but it does look like a natural fit, no?

The big question is what happens to the other authorized resellers in CWB? Is Apple stepping on the toes of Studio A, Design Gallery, Ultimate Mac and PC, New Vision, and the numerous Fortress and Broadway’s in the district that also carry Apple product?

Or maybe not, the lack of stock and knowledgable staff at those location sends our readers crazy and will probably be excited to see an official store with the proper stock and great blue-shirt wearing staff that has made the Apple store such a success around the world.

This is what it looks like now:

More information about Hysan Place here.

What do you think? Where will Apple finally decide on – pick an answer in our poll or leave a comment with your guess!

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