iPad 2 Sells Out in 40 Minutes Online, Huge Queues At All Apple Retail Outlets

Friday 29 April 2011 1:29 pm

The rain and Royal Wedding won’t keep Apple fans away!

We announced on Wednesday night the official launch date for the iPad 2 was today in Hong Kong! And just like the original iPad the sales response has been huge.

Apple’s website www.apple.com/hk started selling the iPad 2 at 1am this morning and promptly sold out in 40 minutes. A visit there now shows that all configurations of the product are “unavailable” and we hear that they won’t deliver them till May 15.

Apple fans that didn’t get them online or didn’t want to wait 3 weeks for delivery braved the rain this morning in Hong Kong. We saw this post this morning of Mong Kok Fortress lines at 11:55pm last night but Hong Kong side, specifically Causeway Bay was busy but people only started lining up early this morning – as early a 5am.

We stopped over at Times Square at 9am this morning to see that DG, Fortress and Broadway were lining up crowds in the piazza so as to not get stuffed in the stairwells like last year. Bringing up groups of 30 at a time to better control the crowds. But it seemed Broadway was still able to stuff people in the stairwells.

So, at doors open at 10am at DG, there seemed to be only 30 people in the line but the truth was about 200-300 people were in the main piazza.

A jaunt over to Studio A’s Causeway Bay store saw a huge line of about 300 people in line with the first person reported to have been in line at 5am. The line went through the stairwell up 3 floors. Studio A was apparently managing the lines very well and when we got there at 11am they had already sold out of the 16GB Black WiFi iPad 2 and the 32GB WiFi + 3G White iPad 2.

Talking to the store manager it seems they didn’t have enough for everyone in line, but that they were receiving new stock daily as would other retailers – so if you didn’t want to line up today you have many more days to enjoy the queues!

We counted no less than 6 stores in Causeway Bay that were selling iPad 2’s today: 2 Fortresses, 2 Broadways, DG Lifestyle and Studio A. Sunion in Causeway Bay seemed not to get any. Another Twitter report tells us that Shatin DG, Broadway and Fortress all sold out by noon.

One thing we noticed, the queue at DG hid from our cameras whereas the other stores the customers were eager to be in our photos – or at least didn’t cover their faces. This leads us to believe that DG’s main clientele were in fact kids helping smugglers buy iPad 2’s for resale in the Mainland as we witnessed last year at the exact same store. Studio A customers were buying 1 iPad 2 each and were very excited about finally getting the new Apple device.

Here is our photo gallery from today. You can compare it to the photos we took last year when the iPad 1 launched.

If you want to keep up to date get on Twitter and search out keywords #iPad2 #hk and #iPad2HK as we’re seeing a lot of bilingual tweets with photos of the situations around Hong Kong if you need up to date reference of best places to go.

Is it worth it? Read our review here. (hint: Yes! Yes, it is!)

One Response to “iPad 2 Sells Out in 40 Minutes Online, Huge Queues At All Apple Retail Outlets”

  1. Steve Jobs did not announce an official release date for the iPad 2 in Hong Kong but residents can buy them at retail for a premium just two days after the iPad 2 launches in the U.S. the iPhone 4 and iPad were sold to local Apple fanboys at crazy prices in the gray market since fanboys wanted to get the latest Apple gadget at the soonest.

    Just like always vendors in the bustling gadget market in Hong Kong s Sin Tat Plaza known colloquially as the Mobile Phone Mall are promising to bring the latest Apple product iPad 2 to early adopters.

    Louis Carabini at 4:47 pm on May 10th, 2011