iPhone 4 Pre-Sells 600,000 Units on First Day

Thursday 17 June 2010 1:27 pm

No matter how chaotic it was, Apple still sold a boatload on Day 1.

iphone4 Soldout 600K iPhone 4 Pre Sells 600,000 Units on First Day

While Gizmodo seemed to relish and liveblog the problems that Apple and AT&T had on the first day of pre-ordering of the new iPhone 4 – but in the end, how you like dem Apples!

The end total in the US was 600,000 on Day 1 which is 10 times higher than the iPhone 3GS. It looks like everyone is looking forward to video calling, HD screens and editing movies on their phones.

Compared to the 150,000 that yet-another-iPhone-killer the HTC EVO did in its opening weekend – its safe to say we the best that anyone can do is hope to be as good as Apple’s worst.

Keep your mouse-fingers nice and limber Hong Kong – we’re up soon! Apple Hong Kong has confirmed with us that besides getting the iPhone 4 at 3HK they will be selling the unlocked version at Apple.com/hk as well. Price and availability to be determined, of course.

UPDATE 6/18: Not wanting to miss the boat – Smartone-Vodafone also set up a page to take pre-orders. Its like 2 blind guys fighting over a block of cheese that may or may not be there. Hilarious!

But what is funnier is that a guy in the U.S. – who already pre-ordered an iPhone 4 – is already camped out in Dallas, Texas to get his JesusPhone in 1 week – read about it here!

pixel iPhone 4 Pre Sells 600,000 Units on First Day