G.O.D. is the First Person To Get the iPhone 5 In Hong Kong #apple

Monday. 24 September. 2012. 2:51 pm

Douglas Young the first 1010 iPhone 5 customer.

As you know the iPhone 5 buying frenzy started at 8am on Friday in Hong Kong and one of the first people to get the newest smartphone was none other than G.O.D. founder Douglas Young.

At a launch event just up the street from the ifc mall Apple Store, held at the 1010 flagship Central store on Wellington Street, Douglas Young and some local celebrities were among the first 1010 customers to receive the new Apple device.

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Chaos Matrix: Meet Hong Kong’s New Mobile Broadband Plans

Friday. 24 February. 2012. 10:39 am

Hong Kong mobile users come so close to being capped!

Hong Kong mobile broadband users dodged a data cap bullet this past week!

As part of Hong Kong OFTA’s new guidelines for the Implementation of Fair Usage Policy for the Provision of Mobile and Fixed Broadband Services that took effect on Feb 14 2012, all of providers of mobile broadband services have restructured their mobile data plans. Under the new policy, providers are required to stop providing “unlimited” plans with tricky restrictions on data usage and either start providing “real unlimited plans” or stop offering “unlimited” plans with usage limits.

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3HK’s iPad Dataplan is Unlimited and Contract Free, Too

Friday. 23 July. 2010. 2:56 pm

Hutchinson throws down as well with a great offer.

If you are a 3HK customer then you will want to check out the iPad MicroSIM deal which is competing mostly with Smartone-Vodafone and PCCW as we’ve already announced.

If you are a limited user you can get a 50MB data plan for HK$98 or go on contract for unlimited for $188 – or go unlimited and NO contract for $200.

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iPhone 4 Pre-Sells 600,000 Units on First Day

Thursday. 17 June. 2010. 1:27 pm

No matter how chaotic it was, Apple still sold a boatload on Day 1.

While Gizmodo seemed to relish and liveblog the problems that Apple and AT&T had on the first day of pre-ordering of the new iPhone 4 – but in the end, how you like dem Apples!

The end total in the US was 600,000 on Day 1 which is 10 times higher than the iPhone 3GS. It looks like everyone is looking forward to video calling, HD screens and editing movies on their phones.

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