Apple’s New Operating System Goes On Sale Friday

Tuesday. 25 August. 2009. 9:40 am

Let Snow Leopard into your life for only HK$238.


Apple Hong Kong‘s site has officially listed Snow Leopard, the newest operating system for the Mac, as going on sale this Friday for HK$238 and you can pre-order from Apple Hong Kong right now.

Besides the exciting refinements to the system as a whole, the price point is also incredible for such a major upgrade.

Apple fans will be lining up (or downloading) on Friday, if you are buying a new Mac after Friday it will most likely come pre-installed.

This opens up new speculation because we thought that the September Apple event was going to be surrounding this launch. If a final kick-off wasn’t in the cards for their event, then it must be something really big.

Apple Offers Anti-Glare on 15″ Macbook Pro

Monday. 24 August. 2009. 9:54 am

The Macbook screen too shiny for you? Well you can go matte again!


Two years ago, Apple decided that anti-glare screens weren’t edgy and hip enough for the average consumer and decided to forgo anti-glare matte displays in favor of glass-enclosed glossy screens.  However, 2 months ago, Apple Insider reported that Apple may be considering the possibility that they could maybe/possibly/somehow be wrong.

The glossy transition was jump-started by iPhone. Because of its glass screen and black borders, customers reacted very positively – this led Apple to extend this trend to the iMacs in a move to standardize their family of materials. This by itself would have been fine because despite its inherent problems, the glossy screen can provide richer, brighter colors, darker blacks and are generally easier to clean however upon completion of the transition, Apple further pushed the envelope by removing the matte option entirely except for the more expensive 17″ Macbook Pro.

The change happened just last week so if you’re looking for a new Mac then wander over here to check that out. It’ll cost you an extra HK$390. We like the glossy screen because it protects us from ninja sneak attacks.

iPhone 3GS Available in Hong Kong on July 10th

Thursday. 9 July. 2009. 3:27 pm

Get your new iPhone tomorrow now!


Emails went out yesterday, and rumors have been circulating since Monday, and today its official. Apple will be selling the new iPhone 3GS in Hong Kong tomorrow at 3 with all new but pretty attractive prices starting from the HK$138 a month + $4,080 for the 16GB or $4,880 for the 32GB all the way to the HK$398 a month plan with a $0 price for the 16GB or a $780 price for the 32GB.

Say what you will about 3’s service, but these plans are quite nice and not too gouging for the new iPhone user. If you have a 3G phone now, you can buy the new 3GS at a special price (check with the 3shop since it has to do with your current plan) and you are only turned onto a new 12-month contract instead of a 24-month like brand new users, which is not that attractive. BUT, the interesting news we hear is that there will be a trade-in offer coming up soon. So if you can hold your iBreath for just a little while longer, 3 will be offering some kind of trade-in price to upgrade to the 3GS. We’ll share that with you when we discover more.

Go ahead and click here to see all the tariff plans and then we’ll see you at 9am for the opening of 3 shops around Hong Kong. The Apple Hong Kong online store has all the 3GS models displayed but no pricing yet, so hopefully they’ll have attractive non-contract prices tomorrow as well.

UPDATE JULY 10: The Apple Hong Kong store has now been updated and you can buy the 3GS direct from them with no contract. The prices are HK$5,388 for the 16GB (black or white) and HK$6,288 for the 32GB (black or white) the original 3G 8GB now stands at HK$4,488. Click here to order now.

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Good Morning Hong Kong, iPhone 3.0 is Here!

Thursday. 18 June. 2009. 10:14 am

We’ve been waiting for this JesusPhone software upgrade for a long time!


If you waited up last night then you were one of the first in Hong Kong to get the new iPhone OS 3.0 from Apple, if you didn’t then all you want to do is start up iTunes and plug your iPhone in and get going.

We were going to do a piece-by-piece overview of the new OS, but iLounge already did a great job:


A tiny magnifying glass option at the bottom of the screen clues you in to a new screen that sits off to the left of the main page: swipe over to it and you activate Spotlight, a feature that can search your iPhone’s database—everything from e-mail headers to apps to iPod media—for words you enter into a search field.


On MMS-capable networks, Messages also displays a camera button that enables users to choose images to include along with the text. Video from the iPhone 3G S will reportedly be able to be sent over networks as well, subject to strict limitations on the size of the files.

Cut, Copy and Paste:

Once text has been highlighted, little blue pins appear on the left and right of the selection area, waiting to be dragged to the appropriate left and right positions; a zoomed-in view appears under your finger to help fine-tune the their placement. On web pages, the text selection box has top and bottom points as well, enabling you to resize the selection area in some cases to grab more or less formatted text.

Read more here and we’ll be following up with new tips and tricks throughout the next few weeks for sure. If you are not on 3 in Hong Kong you may want to read this post on how to make sure your Smartone-Vodafone account can send and receive MMS.

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The War of the Smartphones

Friday. 5 June. 2009. 9:51 am

The smartphone revolution has begun! Whose side are you on?


If you’ve been following Neonpunch’s mobile phone posts and tweets then you know that the smartphone wars have begun with this week’s HTC Magic the first Android phone released in Hong Kong (legally)! This deluge of amazing mobile technology begins tomorrow in the U.S. with the Palm Pre launch, followed by Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday, which we are expecting some new iPhone news but at least the roll-out of OS 3.0. We then come back to Hong Kong on Tuesday to attend Nokia’s N97 launch and wrap it all up later this month with the rumored HTC Hero (yes another one) with maybe a surprise appearance from Samsung and Sony-Ericsson.

The reviews are coming in for the HTC Magic (Cnet, TechRadar and Android Community ) as well as the Palm Pre (Engadget, Wired, and Boy Genius Report) so get some rest this weekend, Apple is up to bat next, so get ready for the news in Hong Kong on Tuesday morning!

With so many choices in smartphones, just remember what the knight told Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade when picking The Holy Grail: “Choose wisely!” You have been warned.

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