The Curtains Come Down on the IFC Mall Apple Store in Hong Kong

Wednesday. 21 September. 2011. 11:39 am

It’s almost like seeing a naked girl for the first time.

Looks like Apple wants to defuse the curiosity of Applemaniacs in Hong Kong – today they took off the black curtains that were up on Monday to reveal the interior.

If you are in IFC Mall swing by and take some pix and share with us on Facebook or Twitter. More photos below.

The Apple Store opens this Saturday at 9am.

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Are You Going to the IFC Mall Hong Kong Apple Store on Saturday?

Monday. 19 September. 2011. 6:25 pm

Applemaniacs prepare for retail battle this weekend!

Looks like the information we posted (finally) was correct – Apple is opening their first Hong Kong store this Saturday, September 24th at 9am at the IFC Mall in Central.

We dropped by IFC today to check out the store, which has now taken off all the hoarding (that we shot here) to reveal iPhone and iPad displays and what looks to be 5 entrances on 2 levels and not a lot else…have a look at the photos below and check out the page on the official Apple site here.

The real question now is: will YOU be attempting to battle the other Applemaniacs to be one of the first to stand inside this historic retail experience?

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Apple Unveils Signage at IFC Mall Location in Hong Kong

Monday. 5 September. 2011. 2:09 pm

Tons of signage photos coming your way!

Apple has finally unveiled the signage for its upcoming Apple Store in the IFC Mall.

When we heard that Apple had opened up this signage this morning, we jumped in the Neonmobile and grabbed some photos for you to check out of the 2-level store opening this month – the first in Hong Kong. Well, the outside of it anyways.

Yes, we took pictures of signs – but come on, you know you love it…

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The IFC Mall Apple Store Inches Closer to its September Opening Date

Monday. 22 August. 2011. 11:29 am

Make sure you’re in Hong Kong in September for the big opening.

Here we go again! Our sources have now confirmed more information following up on our post from a month ago where we originally had the Apple Store in IFC Mall opening this week.

We’ve now recently learned that Apple was not happy with the production of the actual furniture and had the contractors remake them from scratch thus delaying the launch this week. We understand the big light-up Apple logo (actually quoted as “F-ing big Apple logo”) is installed, as is the glass staircase that will link the 2-floors.

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Signs Are Pointing to Apple’s First Official Hong Kong Store in IFC

Monday. 11 April. 2011. 12:44 pm

Apple has got their hoarding up, but not from Apple fanboy eyes.

As the excitement builds for the official opening of an Apple Store in Hong Kong, and a year of rumors and some bad lying – it looks like the first Apple Store will indeed be in IFC with the new Causeway Bay location probably opening later in the year of early 2012.

If you’ve been to the IFC lately you’ll see this giant 2-level signage saying something new is coming! A check-in on Gowalla, Foursquare and even Facebook Places gives you more hope as to what is behind the white covering.

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