1O1O Announces Pre-order of the New Blackberry Q10

Thursday. 4 July. 2013. 12:33 pm

The brand new Blackberry handset on Hong Kong’s leading 4G LTE network.


Hong Kong’s leading 4G LTE provider, 1O1O, are now offering pre-orders of the brand new Blackberry Q10 handset. The smartphone is tailor-made for business users and those that like Blackberry’s for their ease of emailing as it incorporates a new, bigger physical QWERTY keyborad with a touch screen.

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Porsche Blackberry Redefines Sophisticated Design in a RIM Device

Monday. 16 January. 2012. 12:45 pm

This is one slick-looking smartphone, and we have a few.

We haven’t been entirely impressed with what RIM has been putting out in the smartphone category – and it looks like either was Porsche! So they decided to work with RIM to outfit their executives with a Blackberry that is as stylish as the car company itself.

If you have to use a Blackberry, then you might as well go with something like this limited edition P’9981 that is only available through Harrods in the UK. Luckily for our financial-industry readership in Hong Kong, we have a few of these models now in stock through our distributor and can accommodate readers that email concierge@neonpunch.com.

You can read more about the device here if you haven’t already been dreaming about it.

Blackberry Playbook Coming Out to Play This July in Hong Kong

Tuesday. 21 June. 2011. 1:30 pm

Coming to Hong Kong next month, but we don’t know exactly.

Blackberry’s much touted Playbook will be making its way to Hong Kong sometime in “early” July and that’s as much information RIM Hong Kong was going to give us on a release date for their little tablet.

We could go on and on about how lackluster the press event was but we’ll sidetrack that rant and concentrate on what the Blackberry actually has to offer that will make it more attractive than the iPad 2 and the numerous Android tablets out there? Let’s take a look.

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The Nuu MiniKey Adds a Full QWERTY Keyboard to your iPhone 4

Monday. 21 March. 2011. 2:02 pm

Blackberry rehab is coming for closet iPhone fans.

Here’s something to help Blackberry and Nokia users transfer easily to an iPhone: introducing the Nuu MiniKey – an iPhone 4 case with a slide-out keyboard.

Yes, to some of us this is complete heresy – but we can understand that there are closet iPhanatics out there that want the awesomeness of an iPhone 4 AND the simplicity of a keyboard no matter how wrong that may be.

And so, now the Nuu MiniKey is coming to Hong Kong (debuting at January’s CES 2011) and not only can you buy them in stores we’re giving away a few of them to Neonpunch readers.

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Battle of the Tablets: Which Tablet Should I Buy?

Friday. 8 October. 2010. 10:49 am

Getting ready for the holiday season, for there can only be one!

Fast Company has a great slideshow on every tablet worth knowing here. From iPad to Tab to Kno – but it came out early last month so its missing the RIM Playbook and the new ones from Sony.

The question we get asked a lot is: “Should I buy an iPad now or wait for the next one?” – well that question will get exponentially harder to answer in the next few months as everyone and his Mom start rolling out these new devices. At least the media has decided to stop labeling these things as “iKiller’s” as they’ve learned their lesson with the iPhone and now with the iPad.

But even though the iPad is great, it isn’t the end all be all because the game is about to change…again. So here is what we know and what to keep in mind when getting ready to buy a tablet.

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