Windows Phone 7 Comes Loaded and Ready for Xbox 360 Gameplay

Wednesday. 18 August. 2010. 10:43 am

Microsoft gambles big on Xbox phone.

You have to wonder what’s going on at Sony. They make phones and they make handheld music devices and they make portable game devices and we’re sure they’ve seen the iPhone by now – but only rumors and shushed sounds on a potential PS game/phone device. But look who’s beaten then to the table?

This Fall when Windows Phone 7 ships from Microsoft its going to have a whole integration with its Xbox platform and now you can see what its going to look like.

Engadget broke the story today on the launch games: Castlevania, Halo: Waypoint, Star Wars, Crackdown, and Guitar Hero, alongside a handful of newer properties like the ultra-cute ilomilo, produced in-house by Microsoft Game Studios.

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It’s Finally Time to “Kinect” with Your XBox 360

Thursday. 17 June. 2010. 10:18 am

Microsoft’s motion-sensing video game gadget is now ready to launch.

We get one holiday and the video game world explodes. We’ll try and catch you up on what you may have missed yesterday.

At the E3 Expo, Microsoft unveiled “Kinect“, the motion-sensing game system that plugs into Xbox and allows hands-free games and controlling the console with voice commands. It will begin selling in November 4, before the crucial holiday season, hoping to lure new and casual players to the Xbox and steal a march on rivals Nintendo Co Ltd and Sony Corp.

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Is the HP Slate an iPad Alternative?

Tuesday. 13 April. 2010. 9:12 am

The upcoming device is a prime contender for tablet-king title.

Now that you’ve seen (and some of you held) the Apple iPad, let’s look at one of the Microsoft alternatives: HP Slate.

Since CES 2010, HP and Microsoft have been leaking out bits and pieces of the new Slate tablet that is gearing up for a roll-out later this year.

And we’re sure from what you see from the video below, you’ll agree: the HP Slate looks tablet-tastic.

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New Microsoft Windows Phones Coming to Market on Oct. 6

Friday. 4 September. 2009. 10:41 am

Microsoft tries it again and this time they mean business.


Microsoft is going to be bringing over some new, exciting mobile phones to market at an event on October 6th. These new Microsoft smartphones (yes we know that’s a total oxymoron) are designed for different tastes, needs and price points, with and without keyboards, with and without touch screen and sounding like too many options already for the regular consumer.

These new phones will be rolled out into the world market this Fall and we’re keeping an eye on the Hong Kong release dates but judging from these preview screens it looks like they’ve gotten over the rude awakening they’ve got from Apple and Google and are now going to try and make something we, the consumers, can actually use.

Below is a video with an early build of Windows Mobile 6.5 on an Samsung Omnia II to give you a quick peek of some of the OS functions:

Music Labels Vs. Apple: CMX Emerges

Monday. 24 August. 2009. 9:18 am

Music format’s go to war with an Apple Cocktail.


You can viscerally see the cut-throat action between these two formats. First we heard two weeks ago that Apple was playing the good-doer in an attempt to lift the poor, befuddled, out-of-date record companies from poverty and actually start collaborating with them. They were working diligently on a project called “Cocktail” which aims to revitalize the days of old when you would put on an album and chill out.

This new file format would be a mixture of RAR, Shockwave and Flash file formats by incorporating things like track lists, original artwork, lyrics and genuine interactivity all packaged within an entire album as opposed to single tracks which has become the industry standard.

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