The Neonpunch Top 10 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2011

Friday. 31 December. 2010. 10:02 am

Here’s our list of the most coveted upcoming gadgets.

There are so many Best of 2010 lists already out at other blogs we’ve decided to forego that and look forward.

Unlike the movie industry the gadget world holds their secrets closer to their vests. But there are some things we know will be coming out in 2011 and we wanted to brace our wallets, and yours, for them.

With the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) just around the corner we thought we’d make a list of predictions for 2011. While we may not know the actual final names of these products, we know they are coming and we want them, starting with the Motorola BuzzDroid:

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Skype Releases Multitask Version for iPhone iOS4

Thursday. 22 July. 2010. 9:48 am

Do you even need a voice plan anymore?

One of the biggest things for us with the addition of multitasking in the iPhone by way of the new iOS4 was that we could leave Skype (or as Hong Kong people like to call it: Sky-Pee) open even if we were doing something else – even when its locked.

And today friends, Skype has released that update into the App Store. And how lovely, a week before the iPhone 4 is released in Hong Kong too.

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Sony Launches New Range of Sleek and Stylish PC Headsets

Wednesday. 10 March. 2010. 12:37 pm

Look better than the other naked people on Chatroulette.

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited today introduced fashionable new additions to its range of PC headsets designed for music listening, online multi-player gaming, and hands-free web chats as well as VoIP calls on MSN Messenger and Skype.

DR-350USB: Designed for audio excellence

With the supplied USB cable, the DR-350USB headset offers users crisp, clear sound by eliminating noise from the PC through digital transmission via a USB connection. The DR-350USB also features a microphone muting function, which is extremely useful when one is engaged in a video conference call with multiple participants or during multi-player game sessions. On top of that, the DR-350USB offers the same benefits as the DR-320DPV, boasting a 30mm driver unit, built-in microphone and a detachable voice tube for comfort and convenience. The DR-350USB is available in three classic colors of Black, Gold and Red. (pictured above)

  • Price: HK$398
  • Availability: Now

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Asus Shakes-Up the eBook Reader Market

Tuesday. 8 September. 2009. 9:50 am

Asus throws down against Amazon and Sony with new tech.


We just love the digital playing field. No matter who seems the smartest one day, someone else comes out and tries to one-up them. Especially in the gadget world where if you snooze you lose.

Asus has fought back against Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s eBook reader with their own state-of-the-art eBook reader and just from reading these specs it seems like a winner and a giant Nintendo DS:

Unlike current ebook readers, which take the form of a single flat screen, the Asus device has a hinged spine, like a printed book. This, in theory, enables its owner to read an ebook much like a normal book, using the touchscreen to “turn” the pages from one screen to the next. It also gives the user the option of seeing the text on one screen while browsing a web page on the other. One of the screens could also act as a virtual keypad for the device to be used like a laptop. Whereas current ebook readers have monochrome screens, the Asus would be full colour. The maker says it may also feature “speakers, a webcam and a mic for Skype”, allowing cheap phone calls over the internet.

We’ll be chasing down more information from Asus Hong Kong on release dates and prices but the rumor is that Asus is aiming at a price of HK$1,300 for the low cost one and maybe double for a premium version. A world where books are served up like MP3’s looks like a serious possibility in the next few years.

SwitchEasy ThumbTacks the Coolest and Cutest Microphones Ever!

Wednesday. 8 April. 2009. 10:04 am

These innocent thumbtacks can amplify your voice believe it or not!


These definitely weren’t the first microphones made for the Apple iPods, but they sure are going to be one of the coolest! The SwitchEasy ThumbTacks claim to function with the 4th generation iPod Nanos and the 2nd generation iPod Touch.


As you can see, all you have to do is plug these thumbtacks into your standard headphone port, and it will function as a microphone for all third-party apps that require you to use your voice. That means you can go ahead and make free Skype calls on your iPod Touch!

At only US$12.99/HK$100, it’s a pretty cheap gadget, don’t you think? It’s available now on SwitchEasy’s website in 3 colors– red, white, and black– if you want to get yourself one.

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