Prototype Versus Infamous: The Hong Kong Showdown

Friday. 12 June. 2009. 9:49 am

2 similar games go head -to-head for your console.


This week the long awaited Prototype hit stores across Hong Kong for Playstation 3, Xbox and PC. Infamous hit last week exclusively for the Playstation 3 and topped the sales charts in Hong Kong as well.

Now remember these games are not the same game, even though on the surface they look like it. Both feature GTA-like gameplay with superpowered protagonists and both are crazy-ass action games. But which one should you get if you only have a PS3?

Metacritic has them both pretty much neck-and-neck at 85/100 for Infamous and 86/100 for Prototype, reviews on 3 of our favorite game sites seem to lean towards Infamous:

1UP B+ A
IGN 7.5 9.2
N4G 7.5 8.7

The race is quite close, so we’re guessing if you want to shoot lightning from your hands or rather turn into a Wolverine-like monster then the choice is clear and even clearer if you only have an Xbox 360. If you have a PS3 then just be happy you have 2 pretty cool games to play at all! Wii owners can go back to Bubble Bobble Plus. We’re just happy we have some new cool games to play with when there’s nothing new to watch on TV and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is still 2 weeks away.

Here is G4’s video reviews for each game, and if you don’t have 8-minutes then the summary is that they slightly lean to the Infamous side: