The ‘All Things D’ Conference Comes to Hong Kong in October

Wednesday 2 March 2011 3:19 pm

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher return to HK with some of their friends!

all things D hong kong The All Things D Conference Comes to Hong Kong in October

One of the biggest and best tech conferences is The D Conference – organized by two of the technology industries most respected columnists: Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal’s fame – are scheduled to bring their “D” stamp to Hong Kong on October 19th.

Walt and Kara brought their red chairs to Hong Kong last month, just before Social Media Week, and let us know they were scouting locations for the conference – from Cyberport to the Convention Centre to the Four Seasons. But more importantly than “where” is: WHO from Silicon Valley, will they be able to bring with them?

D Conference speakers in the past have included Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. This Summers D conference includes other Titans of Tech like Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, hometown hero Jack Ma of, Andrew Mason of Groupon, Mark Pincus of Zynga and our current hero Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia – but who will they announce that we’ll have a chance to party with in Lan Kwai Fong?

Walt and Kara launched the All Things Digital conference in 2003 as a popular and prestigious conference among the business and technology communities, the number of attendees is limited to approximately 500 people. The 9th D conference happening May 31 through June 2, sold out already with ticket prices around US$4,795/HK$40,000.

According to Kara, who was on last Sunday’s This Week in Tech podcast, all but confirmed that October 19th would be the kick off date and has verified on Twitter. They have yet to announce this officially yet so everything else is pure speculation but we’re hoping the Dynamic Duo can bring people from Apple, Facebook, Google and even Foxconn, to get their grilling on stage in our fair city.

And what will they call it? D10? DAsia1? All Things “D”im Sum?

From her appearance on TWiT, it seems they are planning to go all over Asia as well – India and Vietnam and anywhere they can find space – and bring the “Big Americans” out here as well as do local tech demos.

We’re hearing it will happen at the new Ritz-Carlton which takes up the top 15 floors at the International Commerce Center (環球貿易廣場) in West Kowloon – but stay tuned to the official site for more details.

Here are some videos from past conferences – start saving those Lai See packages and don’t forget to follow Kara and Walt on Twitter.

pixel The All Things D Conference Comes to Hong Kong in October